International Reach with Crowdsourcing

Our Vision

Our vision is to build better, stronger, and safer communities for all to enjoy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, empower, and encourage safer communities.

Who we are

Trace Flare is a public charity determined to make a difference.

A short time ago, we had an idea, to create a community of individuals with a common goal. To help and assist each other, stop bullying, scammers, predators and fraudulent actions that threaten our communities. 

Our History

Our Journey Started...

In 2022, after we noticed there were many individuals on social media claiming the status of a non-profit that helps people in need, getting numerous messages about winning a new iPhone, and people getting bullied. After investigating these issues I determined that they needed to be addressed with the proper channels and that is how Trace Flare was born.

We are a 501(c)3, that is set out to create a global community that all has one mission is mind. Which is to make our communities better and safer for everyone whether on social media or locally. We are set out to help educate our communities by holding local events to raise awareness, visit our local schools to teach our children not to bully one another.

Make a Difference Today.

Many of the people we help are children, veterans and victims of domestic violence. Donating is easy, so please help us to help others and make a difference.