Our Mission

Our mission at Trace Flare is to unite communities and stop bullying, scams, and child predators while supporting domestic violence victims and veterans. Together, we are unstoppable.

Building community safety through the power of crowdsourcing.

Join us in our mission to create a worldwide alliance against bullying, scams, and child predators that endanger us both online and offline. Together, we will expose and bring to justice the anonymous actors threatening our communities.

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Please do not hesitate to help us in any way you can. Spreading the word about Trace Flare is easy and can make a huge difference.

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Do you want to help your local community while gaining life skills. Join now to be part of the change our world needs today.

Roadmap To Safer Communities Everywhere

Here is our roadmap to create safer communities with these programs we can unite local communities worldwide.

E3 Communities

Foster safer and more supportive local communities through Education, Engagement, and Empowerment.
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Support domestic violence victims and promote healthy relationships. So we can Help End Abusive Lifestyles.
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Assist veterans in their transition back to civilian life and empower them to achieve personal and professional success.
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We're Creating an International Impact

Thanks to these companies that help power our cause, check them out today.

Who we are

Trace Flare is a public charity committed to making a difference.

An idea was born – to create a global community of like-minded individuals, empowering each other to combat the pervasive threats of bullying, scams, predators, and fraud. Let’s join forces and make our world a safer place for everyone, both online and offline.

Make a Difference Today.

Join our mission to empower vulnerable communities – including victims of bullying, scams, and fraud, as well as children, veterans, and domestic abuse survivors. Your small donation can make a big impact. Help us foster hope and create positive change for those in need.

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